Message from Joint CEOs

As joint CEOs, we are extremely privileged to be part of the Comair family. We don't think you will find a tougher, more interesting, dynamic and vibrant environment than the travel industry, and especially the airlines which make up the bulk of our business.

This industry sees every new member as part of a unique community and offers a vast variety of career opportunities.

Comair has grown from a small, family-owned business to a sizeable company with several consumer brands, two service brands, and a team of 2,200 employees.

It is listed on the JSE with an astonishing record of declaring operating profits for 73 consecutive years. Its biggest strength remains the quality of its people and we are fortunate to be able to attract the best talent in the industry. We continue to set increasingly challenging customer service standards for ourselves, which has ensured the success of each of our products.

We are not only surrounded by an experienced and dedicated leadership team, but we are also part of a family of aviation and travel enthusiasts whose aim is to deliver an awesome travel experience in the most efficient way.

Glenn & Wrenelle